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Mortgage Relief for Renters

Latest Rules for Engaging with Township Staff

Persevere PA - Covid-19 Crisis Counselig Program

Perseverar PA - Programa de Asesoramiento en el Marco de la Crisis por la Covid-19

New Rules for Engaging with Dingman Township - 12/11/2020

Nothing to Change after Covid Ruling

Dingman Township's Updated Covid-19 Policy - General

Dingman Township's Updated Covid-19 Policy - Public Hearings

Governor Orders YOU to Wear a Mask

Pennsylvania Extends Unemployment Benefits

Governor:  Masks are Mandatory !

Lt. Governor:  Housing Assistance Available

Dingman Township Corona Virus Policy Updated 6/16/2020

Allentown Morning Call:  Beware of Covid Scammers!

FDA Issues Warning about Potentially Deadly Hand Sanitizers

Governor:  Rules for When Pike Turns Green

Governor:  Pike County Goes Green 6/19/20

Small Business Loan Forgiveness Application

Grant Funding for Rent and Businesses

Pike Forward Asks You to Participate in this Survey

Governor's Rules for Sports and Dining in Counties He Designates as Green

Executive Order Prohibits Evictions and Foreclosures

Primary Election Moved to June 2nd

Governor's Directive for Conduct on a Building Site with Regard to Corona Virus Safety

Dingman Township to offer Tax Relief due to Corona Virus

Sewage Department to Reopen May 4th

L&I Soon Launching Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Website, Eligible Pennsylvanians Should Prepare Now

April 17th:  Governor's Latest Corona Virus Business Mandates

Board of Supervisors April 21st Meeting to be Held on ZOOM.  Click Here for Log-in Information.

Attorney General:  You Have Rights During Corona Virus Crisis

4/7/20 Board of Supervisors Meeting to be Held on Zoom

Dingman Township Sewage Office is open for Sewage REPAIRS ONLY

Attention Non-Profits: Trump Approves Governor's Emergency Request

New Procedures for Communicating with State Police During Corona Virus Outbreak

Governor Issues STAY AT HOME Order for All Pike County Residents

From the Pike County Dispatch:  First Corona Virus Death in Dingman Township

PA Press Releases:  Certain Licenses Extended / Retired Medical Professions Needed / Day Care for Essential Workers

PennDOT:  Feds Extend Real-ID Deadline

From the Pike County Dispatch:  Bon Secour Hospital Sets Up Hotline.  Will Allow Call-in for Corona Virus Test Results

Link to Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Information

Message from the SEO - Toilet Paper Alternatives

3/25/20 Pike County Commissoner's Press Release: Travelers from NYC Region Should Self-Quarantine

3/25/20 State of Emergency Declared for Dingman Township

Link to Pennsylvania Department of Health Corona Virus Updates

3/25/20 Updated List of Businesses that May Open / Must Close

3/24/20 Corona Virus Testing

3/23/20 Updated Dingman Township Operational Policy

Official Township Policy (revised) regarding permits, inspections, and office access in accordance with the Governor's emergency order.

Link to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Corona Virus RUMOR CONTROL Website

E-mail to PA DCED Regarding Questions about Whether Your Business Must Close Starting March 23rd.

Link to PA DCED to Receive Information Regarding How to Get a Waiver Under Governor's Business Closure Order that Starts March 23rd.

Governor's Media Release Regarding Mandatory Business Closures

3/20/20 Dingman Township Operational Policy

Official Township Policy regarding permits, inspections, and office access in accordance with the Governor's emergency order.

3/20/20 First Energy (Met-Ed) Letter Concerning Problems Paying Bills, Scams, and other Information Regarding the Corona Virus Crisis

3/19/20 NEPA Alliance Small Business Financing Assistance Information

3/18/20 Public Statement of the Dingman Township Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors March 17th meeting will NOT be open to the public, but will be an Executive Session to develop their response to COVID-19 and the Governor's press conference this afternoon. A public statement will be published as soon as available

Corona Virus Updates from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

3/12/2020 Update Letter from Pike County Commissioners

3/4/2020  Letter from the Pike County Commissioners

Coronavirus Prevention Information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health