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A Message from the Sewage Enforcement Officer

There is some confusion regarding the operation of the Dingman Township Sewage Office during the coronavirus pandemic.  This message is an attempt to clarify the situation.

Repairs and Replacement

of Sewage Systems and Components

Leaking sewage can cause serious health problems or even death in those already weakened by the corona virus. This is a matter of health and safety.  Therefore, the Sewage Enforcement Officer is issuing permits for, and inspecting repairs of, malfunctioning sewage disposal systems. 

Sewage Repair Application P-1    Sewage Repair Application P-2   Sewage Repair Application P-3

Fee Schedule



Sewage Systems Permits

Under the Governor's state of emergency orders, the testing for new sewage systems is not considered necessary for the immediate health and safety.  Therefore, no soil testing will be conducted until the governor's order is lifted. 

Testing Completed / Reissuance

Sewage System Permits

Applications for the reissuing an expired permit or submission of an application for a property tested prior to the governor's order will be accepted.  However, these permits will not be field inspected or issued until after the governor's order is lifted.    .

Sewage Application P-1     Sewage Application P-2     Fee Schedule     Expired Permit Guidance



Sewage Permit Submissions

All sewage permit submissions may be mailed to the township office or personally delivered to the township building between 9 AM and 4 PM.  Those delivered in person must be placed in the box in the foyer.  There will be no access past the foyer.  All submissions will be quarantined for a minimum of 48 hours before processing.