Dingman Township
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Winter Parking on Public Roads

Legal Notice:  While every attempt has been made to be as accurate as possible, the material found on these pages represents an unofficial copy of the Dingman Township Winter Parking Ordinance.  When in conflict, the original signed official documents kept in the Township Building shall prevail.  Persons relying on this version shall do so at their own risk.

Copies of this ordinance may also be obtained through the Dingman Township Office.

Ordinance #36

 An Ordinance providing for the prohibition of parking at certain times and during certain hours during the snowfall season and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

 Section 1      Purpose

 1.1             The purpose of this ordinance is to eliminate the hazard of parked vehicles during periods of snowfall, that is, the hindering of snow removal.

 Section 2      Seasonal Regulations

 2.1       From November 1 through April 1 of the following year parking within the cartway or shoulder areas of any roads in the Township Road System is prohibited from the hours of six (6) P.M. to six (6) A.M.


Section 3      Emergency Regulations


3.1             Any snowfall which shall measure two (2) inches or more and shall be the result of one continuous snowfall shall give rise to the following regulations.


3.11         Parking within the cartway or shoulder areas is prohibited at any time.


3.12         Any individual having knowledge of the snowfall shall take immediate steps to remove from the cartway or shoulder any vehicle parked there prior to the emergency.


3.2             The emergency shall terminate once the streets have been plowed and the snow shall have ceased falling for a continuous period of two (2) hours.


Section 4      Removal of Vehicles


4.1             The Dingman Township Roadmaster or his Agent is hereby authorized to remove any vehicle abandoned or parking upon any public highway or street in violation of the terms and provisions of this ordinance, and to take any said vehicle to the nearest garage or other place of safety.  The registered owner of any said vehicle shall be promptly notified in writing of the fact of the removal and of the place to which said vehicle has been removed, where he may obtain the same upon payment of any and all towing and storage charges.


4.2             Any person violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall, upon summary convictions before a Justice of the Peace, be sentenced to pay a fine of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars and costs of prosecution, such fines to be collected as like fines are now collected by law, and in default shall undergo imprisonment not exceeding thirty (30) days.


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