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Notice is hereby given that the Dingman Township Board of Supervisors will hold a Public Hearing upon and consider for adoption the following amendment to Ordinance No. 10-2001 as amended by Ordinance #03-2016 at 7:30 pm on July 5, 2017 at the Dingman Twp Municipal Offices, 118 Fisher Lane, Milford. 



2.  The Commission shall consist of seven five members who shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors for terms of three years and shall serve until their successors are appointed.  Initially the terms shall be structured so that they expire one at the end of the first year and then two for each of the next two years.  Vacancies shall be filled for the expiration of the term.  All members shall serve without compensation.

A)  The Board of Supervisors may appoint up to two Alternate Members who shall serve for terms of three years.  Alternate Members may participate in any proceedings or discussions of the Commission, but shall not vote unless designated as a voting member by the Chairman.  An Alternate Member will be designated as a voting member for proceedings where a quorum is not reached due to absence, recusal, or disqualification. Alternate Members so designated shall continue to serve as a voting member in all proceedings for which he was initially designated until the Commission has made a final decision on the matter. 

New provisions are in bold italics.  Deleted provisions are strikeouts.


Karen Kleist, Secretary