Dingman Township
                           Pike County, PA        


Dingman Township

Adopt – A – Road


 Was your drive in the country ever spoiled by a littered roadway?  Did you ever want to do something about it?  Well now you can with the Dingman Township Adopt-A-Road program!  Volunteers, whether they be clubs, businesses, families, or individuals, may select an available road for adoption.  By adopting a road you commit yourself to pick up litter along your road each Spring and Fall.  In return, you will receive a road sign indicating your participation in the program, an invitation to any township volunteers event, free participation in the Spring and Fall clean-up days, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making Dingman Township a nicer place to live.

 To participate in the Adopt-A-Road program, please contact Sue Mikulak at 296-8455. 

The following is a list of Township roads and their Adopt-A-Road sponsors.  Dingman Township would like to thank all participants for their outstanding service. 

Bridge Road The Robert Quail Family
Buist Road  Currently available
Christian Hill Road  Concerned Citizens
Cliff Park Road  Currently available
Cobb Road  Victor Buccos & Family
Conashaugh Road   The Donlon & Cappello Families
Fisher Lane  Green Acres Cottages - and - Habitat for Humanity, Pike County
Gavoille Road   Currently available
Honeywell Road     The Robert Quail Family
Husson Road  The Misiaszek Family
Keissel Road   The Pepper Family
 Metz Road   Currently available
Nelson Road     Victor Buccos & Family
Nitche Road    William Leiser
Old Bridge Road  Currently available
Springbrook Road    S-1   The Anthony Triplett family
Springbrook Road    S-2  Currently available
Tunnel Road  Currently available
Van Auken Hill Road  James Levell in Memory of Jerry Hansen
Weber Road Dick Young