Recycling Mandatory in Dingman Township


Recently County Waste sent a letter to its customers informing them of a fee increase due to the higher costs of running their waste recycling program.  The letter informed customers that they had the option not to recycle their waste.

Dingman Township residents are reminded that recycling of certain items is mandatory under State Law.  While residents are encouraged to recycle whatever products their waste collector accepts, the following items must be recycled:

Aluminum (including cans, pie pans, clean aluminum foil)

Steel and Bi-Metal Cans

Corrugated Cardboard

Newsprint (newspaper)

High Quality Office Paper (letterhead, copy paper, etc.)


Residents not living in a community with a central dumping station for materials to be recycled must have their recycling collected by a registered solid waste hauler at least once a month.

 These rules were established in order to bring Dingman Township into compliance with Act 101 of 1988.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.