Dingman Township, Pike County, Pennsylvania


PennDOT Proposal to Replace Sawkill Bridge


Representatives of Milford Borough and Milford Township were present at the December 17th meeting of the Dingman Township Board of Supervisors where representatives of McTish, Kunkel, and Associates engineering presented PennDOT's proposal to replace the US-206/209 bridge that crosses the Sawkill Creek.  The project is in its planning phase so start and end times could not be provided.

The Dingman Township Supervisors were happy that their request that the plan include a by-pass bridge that would allow traffic to flow through the area had been added to the plan.  Previous talks with PennDOT had indicated that traffic might be diverted down US-209, up PA-739, then onto SR-2001 to Milford.  The by-pass bridge will save travellers many miles and much confusion.

Click here to see the charts presented during the presentation.

The first chart shows the location of the work area.  The existing bridge is in orange.  The by-pass bridge is in magenta.

The second chart shows the proposal to rebuild the deck of the bridge.  The existing piers will remain.  The second chart also shows (on the right) how pedestrian traffic will be re-routed during construction.