Dingman Township

                                                                                                                                                         Pike County, Pennsylvania


Rabies Clinic a Success !


At the April 17th meeting of the Dingman Township Board of Supervisors, Barry Heim, of the Pike County Humane Society reported that their rabies vaccination clinic was almost "too successful".  239 animals were vaccinated for rabies at the April 14th clinic held at the Township garage.  In addition, many pet owners opted to take advantage of the other low-cost vaccinations to protect against additional pet diseases such as distemper and feline leukemia.

All-in-all the PCHS's clinics were a great success.  The PCHS has vaccinated over 500 animals this year at similar clinics held throughout the county. 

Barry further reminded residents of the danger of rabies.  For the past four years, Pennsylvania has been first in the nation in diagnosed rabies cases involving domestic animals.  Although the number of incidents in Pike County have been low, vaccinating pets is an important step in preventing rabies infections in humans.  It is also important to remember that, for humans, rabies infections are extremely fatal if treatment does not begin immediately after infection.  therefore, it is important to prevent infections in the first place.

The Board of Supervisors praised the PCHS for their efforts and urged all residents to support the PCHS.  

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