Editors Note:  Below is a copy of the Fee Schedule proposed to be discussed at the public hearing on September 16, 2014.  Please note that all changes relate to the Building Department fees.  All other fees are remaining the same.  Click here to see the existing fee schedule.



Dingman Township Fee Schedule

            WHEREAS, the Dingman Township Board of Supervisors, Township of Dingman, County of Pike, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, does hereby enact the following fee schedule:


Sewage Department (For Permits obtained prior to work other than emergency repairs)


Application fee for conventional or alternate on-lot or community

  systems with less than 2,500 square feet absorption area.                                                     $475.00


Application fee for conventional or alternate on-lot systems with

  2,500 sq.ft. or greater absorption area, & all community on-lot systems                               $800.00


Application fee for individual residential spray irrigation,                                          

  drip irrigation, and ABS systems.                                                                               $800.00


Application fee for experimental on-lot systems                                                                     $800.00


Application fee to connect to a community system (per structure)                                          $100.00


Application fee for portable chemical toilets                                                               $  15.00


Application fee for other retaining tanks                                                                                 $475.00


Resubmission fee for applications as determined by Sewage Dept Policy                               $  50.00


Repair or Replacements:

  To septic, aerobic, dosing, holding, chlorine contact, or filter tank,

        or distribution box.                                                                                                          $100.00

  Repairs to piping                                                                                                        $  30.00

  Absorption area repair or replacement                                                                                   $400.00

  Repairs or replacement of drip or spray infiltration zones     (other than pipes)                     $800.00

  Application for experimental version of recognized conventional or alternate system

    when used for a repair shall be the same as the fee for a new applicable system.


Planning Module Review Fee / Re-review fee                                                                        $  10.00/edu


Planning Approval Testing Fees:      

            First soil probe:                                                                                                            $150.00

            Additional soil probes performed same day                                                    $  75.00 each

            First percolation test                                                                                         $150.00

            Additional percolation tests (same property)                                                    $  75.00 each

            Verification of soil probes conducted by others                                                          $  50.00 each


Appeals of denied sewage permit by applicant                                                                1/2 of application fee

            All other sewage related appeals                                                                                  $400.00


Special testing when required by Section 7.2(a)(1) of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act:

            Performing percolation test                                                                              $300.00

            Verification of soil probes, per test                                                                  $  50.00

            Permit application fee                                                                                      $475.00


Engineer Review Fees (when necessary)                                                                                Fee Reimbursement


Reinspection Fee also applies to testing cancelled less than 48 hrs in advance                       $  50.00



Zoning Department: (For Permits obtained prior to work other than emergency repairs)


1.         Sign permit (Permanent)                                                                                             $ 200.00


2.         Sign Permit (Temporary):         Quantity                       Bond Amount                     Application Fee

                                                            1  -  3 signs                      $  25.00                               $   10.00

                                                            4  -  12 signs                    $  50.00                               $   15.00

                                                            13 - 25 signs                    $100.00                               $   15.00

                                                            26 - 35 signs                    $150.00                               $   15.00

                                                            36 - 50 signs                    $200.00                               $   15.00

                                                            51 - 62 signs                    $250.00                               $   15.00

                                                            63 - 100 Max.                  $300.00                               $   25.00


3.                  Principal Uses:

            Residential (single family)                                                                   $  100.00

            Residential (multiple dwelling units)                                                    $   50.00/dwelling unit

                        Non-residential                                                                                                $ 250.00


4.         Accessory Uses:

                        Residential (single & multiple family)                                                 $   50.00

                        Non-residential                                                                                                $ 150.00


5.         Home Occupations (No-Impact & Minor):                                                     $   75.00


6.         Permit Re-inspections                                                                                     $   50.00


7.          Change of Use:                                                                                                          $  200.00 


8.         Certificate of Non-conformance                                                                    $    50.00


9.                  Conditional Uses:*      Zoning Application                                          Applicable Fee Above

                                                Residential - Hearing Fee                                             $  200.00

                                                                    Review Fee Escrow                                             $  100.00

                                                Non-Residential/Multi Family Hearing Fee               $  350.00

                                                                                                Review Fee Escrow     $  375.00

                                                Stenographic Deposit (all)**                                                    $  150.00


10.              Zoning Hearing Board hearings:

                                    Zoning Application (if applicable)                   Applicable fee Above

                                                Variance & Appeal Hearing Fee- includes 2 sessions  $300.00

                                                Special Exception Hearing Fee includes 2 sessions   $500.00

                                                Third and subsequent hearing session (each)               $100.00          

                                                Stenographic Deposit (all)**                                                    $125.00


11.              Curative Amendments:*

                                                Hearing Fee - includes two sessions     $2,000.00

                                                Review Fee Escrow                             $2,700.00       

                                                Stenographic Deposit**                                   $   300.00

                                                TOTAL:                                                                       $5,000.00

                                                Third and subsequent hearing session (each)               $   500.00


      Reimbursement of Township Engineer Fees is required for hearings before the Board of Supervisors.  Review Fee Escrow must be replenished when balance falls below 25% of original amount required.  Any unused portion will be refunded.


   **   Stenographic fees in excess of the deposit paid are required to be reimbursed to the Township by the applicant.  Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded.



Building Department: (For Permits obtained prior to work other than emergency repairs)


ALL Building Permits:                                                                       $4.00 Pa UCC payable at permit issuance


Single Family residential:                                                       Fees:                                                   

y      New Single Family dwelling Permit:                                              See CII Fee schedule attached, PLUS
Township Administrative fee                                             $150

      Portion of fee due at application:                                       ($300.00 non-refundable)


y      Additions/Renovations/Alterations Permit:                                    See CII Fee schedule attached, PLUS
Township Administrative fee                                             $100

      Portion of fee due at application:                                       ($150.00 non-refundable)


y      Decks & detached accessory structure (300 sf & over)                 See CII Fee schedule attached, PLUS 
Township Administrative fee:                                            $  75.00
Portion of fee due at Application                                       ($125.00 non-refundable)


y      Decks & detached accessory structures (under 300 sf)                  See CII Fee schedule attached, PLUS
Township Administrative fee                                             $  50.00
Portion of fee due at Application                                       ($ 75.00 non-refundable)


y      Generators, A/C systems, electrical upgrades, etc:             See CII Fee schedule attached, PLUS
Township Administrative fee:                                            $  25.00
Portion of fee due at Application:                                      ($ 50.00 non-refundable)


y      Pools / Hot Tubs (includes electrical)                                             See CII Fee Schedule attached, PLUS
Township Administrative fee:

- Storable, above ground, hot tubs                                     $  25.00   ($ 50.00 due at application) 
- In-Ground                                                                                   $  50.00   ($100.00 due at application)

y      Demolition of a structure                                                   See CII Fee Schedule attached, plus        
Township Administrative fee:                                            $  25.00 (non-refundable)

y      All Other permit types:                                                      $ See CII Fee Schedule attached, PLUS                
Township Administrative fee:                                            $  50.00 (non-refundable)

y      Stormwater Collection Systems (when required)                Reimbursement of Township Engineer fees


Non-Residential & Multiple-Family Dwellings:

y      All commercial, multiple-dwellings, and buildings                                    $200.00 Administrative Fee PLUS
intended for public occupancy                                                        CII fees from attached Schedule

Portion of fee due at Application                                                   $350.00


y      Change of Occupancy, accessory buildings,                                              $100.00 Administrative fee PLUS

      Cell towers, wind turbines, etc.                                                         CII fees from attached Schedule


            All fees due at the time of application will be applied to the total permit fee upon permit issuance


Building CODE Board OF APPEALS:


            Extensions of Time (permits)                                                   $  50.00

            Opinion Requests                                                                    $100.00

            Hearing Fee                                                                             $250.00

            Hearing Stenographic Deposit**                                                          $150.00


            **   Stenographic fees in excess of the deposit paid are required to be reimbursed to the Township by the applicant.  Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded.



Well Department:    (For Permits obtained prior to work other than emergency repairs)


All well permit fees                                                                                                                 $ 100.00



Driveway access /                                                                                 New Permit      $ 75.00

  ROAD ENCROACHMENT permit (Township roads)         Modifications to existing permits        $ 50.00

(For Permits obtained prior to work other than emergency repairs)



Research/Xerox Fees:


            Research Fee (per property)                                                                             $ 25.00
            Document Certification                                                                                               $   1.00

            Faxed documents per page                                                                              $     .25

            Computer print-outs per page                                                                          $     .25

            Xerox Copy per page 8 x 11 & 8 x 14                                                    $     .25

            Xerox Copy per page 11 x 17                                                                                   $     .50

            Color copies (8 x 11; when available)                                                                       $     .75

            Oversized documents                                                                         Actual Cost + mileage



Subdivision / Land Development Submissions:


Lot Improvements:                                                                  $    35.00 plus $15.00/resulting lot

Subdivisions:                                                                          $   100.00 plus $40.00/resulting lot

Land Developments:                                                                $   150.00 plus $3.00/100sq.ft.of bldg area

Planning Modules:    *BASE fee                                                          $     25.00 plus per unit fee below

                                 First 50 lots/EDUs                                   $     10.00 per Lot/EDU

                                 Next 50 (#51-100) lots/EDUs                 $       8.00 per Lot/EDU

                                 All remaining (#101+) lots/EDUs                        $       5.00 per Lot/EDU



Review Fee Escrows (Lot Improvements exempt):

            Up to 5 lots or 5,000 sf building area                          $   250.00

            6 to 15 lots or 5001 to 10,000 sf bldg area                  $   750.00

            More than 15 lots or 10,000 sf bldg area                                 $2,000.00



Stormwater and/or E&S Plans                                                  $     75.00


SALDO Waiver Hearings:        Hearing fee                              $   100.00

                                                Review Fee Escrow                 $    175.00

                                                Stenographic deposit                $   150.00 (when applicable)  


      Above fees are for initial submissions, whether Preliminary or Final.  Fee for Final Submission following a Preliminary Submission will be 75% of the total Preliminary fee paid.

      Reimbursement of Township Engineer, Solicitor, & other Professional Consultant review/inspection fees are required for all of the above.  Review Fee Escrow must be replenished when balance falls below 25% of original amount required.  Any unused portion will be refunded

      All submissions listed above will also require payment of applicable Pike County Planning Commission review fees.






Be it hereby resolved on this    ___   day of   _September__   , 2014, to become effective immediately.





                                                                        DINGMAN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS




                                                                         Thomas E. Mincer



                       Dennis L. Brink


Karen Kleist, Sec/Treas.                                  ______________________________________

                                                                         Kerry W. Welsh