Met-Ed to Run New Transmission Lines through Dingman Township

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Mid-Atlantic Interstate Transmission, LLC (MAIT), a FirstEnergy company, is planning to construct a new 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County and Lehman Township, Delaware Township and Dingman Township, Pike County, Pennsylvania. The new transmission source will greatly improve operational flexibility on the existing electric system by reducing loading on the current system, as well as providing a direct transmission source to the existing substations in the area and help to reduce outages.

This notice is an update as the route selection has changed and will now mostly follow existing right-of-way, in places where Met-Ed has existing equipment. Utilizing existing right-of-way and parallel roadways / utility corridors is expected to limit environmental impacts and reduce impacts to property owners while achieving the expected reliability & safety objectives of the project. Field representatives will contact property owners to discuss transmission line easements and/or any temporary access needed during construction.

Hotline resources are available for affected property owners (1-888-311-4737) as well as a virtual open house which will be available starting July 11. Details on these resources are below:

Hotline (phone): 1-888-311-4737 or
Hotline (email):
Virtual Open House (starting 7/11):

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