Dingman Township

                                                  Pike County, Pennsylvania


Dingman Township's Response to Lake Adventure's Latest Press Release

As with the last instance, the latest news release from Lake Adventure Community Association misses the point. LACA has never applied for an amendment to its zoning/subdivision and land development approval to include these newer non-travel trailer types of units. They have been told repeatedly that this is the proper procedure and they refuse to do so. Although the Township has attempted to negotiate LACA has not even responded to our letters and it is clear that this process has been abandoned by them. Lake Adventure had and continues to have substantial problems in environmental adequacy in the areas of sewage, water supply and electric supply. The Township will not consider any substantial change to their approval unless and until they show that their current systems are adequate for their current needs. The Township has overwhelming evidence that this is not the case. Rather than come before the Board of Supervisors as required, LACA has sought approval through the Zoning Hearing Board and the Court and has been repeatedly denied that approval. The Township is spending money to attempt to protect the Township against continued environmental degradation. It will continue to do so as long as it may be necessary.