Har Haven Hearing Postponed

Har Haven LLC has previously filed an application with Dingman Township for various waivers of the Dingman Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) regulations with respect to Pompeii Lane.  The road was installed by the previous property owner but never finished nor obtained Township approval.

The purpose of the waivers is to obtain variances of the SALDO regulations as they pertain to certain parts of Pompeii Lane's construction in order to obtain Township SALDO approval for the road.  Har Haven is in negotiations with the residents of Mount Haven Estates and hopes that the road could serve as the access road from Log Tavern Road into Mount Haven Estates.

The waiver hearing was scheduled for March 25th but was postponed until 6:00 PM on May 20, 2019.  The postponement was based on a request from Har Haven in order to provide time for their engineer to address questions posed by the Township Engineer.

Watch the Township website in case of future changes regarding this hearing.


Hearing is Scheduled

May 20, 2019

6:00 PM

Dingman Township Municipal Building