Don't wait until Clean-up Day ....  Dingman Township accepts batteries for recycling on a daily basis.  Drop off your AAs, AAAs, C, and D batteries etc. at the Township Office during business hours.


Spring Clean-up Day and Electronics Recycling Day


The following is a summary of the electronics items collected at the 2014 Spring Clean-up and Electronics Recycling Day.


Computers                                                                                    21

 Computer Monitors                                                                       21

Computer Printers, Scanners, Printer/Scanner Combinations          27

Computer Keyboards                                                                      9

Laptop Computers                                                                          5

Televisions                                                                                    39

VCR Players, DVD Players, VHS Players, Video Games                   25

Stereos                                                                                           6

Speakers                                                                                       24

Microwave Ovens                                                                            2

Misc.                                                                                             33


Thank You to everyone who helped make the 2014 Spring Clean-up and Recycling Day a success !