Dingman Township Fall Clean-up Day Results

The Dingman Township Board of Supervisors would like to thank all the workers and participants for making the 2007 Fall Clean-up Day a success.  For over 15 years, Clean-up Day has provided Township Residents with an economical means of disposing of waste materials that through bulk or nature would not otherwise be picked up by the local garbage collector.  Below is a summary of the results of the 2007 Fall Clean-up Day (black).  The number in red is the total amount collected from 2000 through 2007.


Total number of vehicles - 134     1881


To be recycled:

 6  Large Appliances    206

21 Tires     379

8   Automobile batteries     113

Recyclable metal - 60 yards      1010 yards


Non-recyclable waste:

360 Cubic yards      4675 cubic yards