Dingman Township

                                                                                                   Pike County, Pennsylvania



2013 Spring Clean-Up Day Results


On May 11th Dingman Township held it annual Spring Clean-Up Day where residents could bring their bulk and hard to dispose of items for proper disposal or recycling.  The following is a summary of the day:


Number of Loads 115 - vehicles came through
Large Appliances 18 - to be recycled
Freon removal 12 - freon to be removed
Tires 16 - to be processed in accordance with state law
Misc. Waste 120 - cubic yards
C & D Waste 75 - cubic yards
Misc. Metal 60 - cubic yards - to be recycled
Electronic items 5542 pounds - to be recycled


Dingman Township would like to thank everybody who helped make this day a success!