Dingman Township

Pike County, Pennsylvania


2010 Fall Clean-up Day was a Success !

Many Dingman Township residents took advantage of the 2010 Fall Clean-up and Electronics Recycling Day.  130 vehicles passed through the gates loaded with material to be recycled or disposed of.  A summary of the materials collected:




To Be Recycled:

Electronics (TVs, Computers, etc)          182 items


21 Computers

19 Printers

18 Computer Monitors                  

15 VCRs /DVDs

9 Microwave ovens

39 Televisions

Mixed metals                                             60 yards

White goods (washers, dryers, etc.)         16 items

Car batteries                                             10 items


          To Be Disposed of:

Assorted Rubbish                                   240 yards



Thank you to all the Dingman Township residents who brought in material for disposal/recycling and to ...

Charles E. Steuhl & Sons Inc.

Advanced Recovery Inc.

employees of Dingman Township