Bridge Preserve Day


Dingman Township Celebrates New Interpretive Trail at Bridge Preserve Day

On May 20, 2017 the Dingman Township Supervisors hosted a celebration at the Cornelia and Florence Bridge Preserve.  The focal point of the celebration was the opening of the new interpretive trail - a cooperative effort with Boy Scout Troop #71, the Pike County Conservation District, and the North American Land Trust.

Framed by the pavilion with its panoramic vista, Dingman Township Supervisors, Thomas Mincer and Dennis Brink opened the dedication.

The Preserve, located at 1082 Twin Lakes Road (just off US Route 6) is  one of two parks owned by Dingman Township.  The land was a gift from Charles Bridge with the intention of it being preserved for use as a natural park by those who enjoy the beauty of nature.  

Scouts from Troop # 71 

The interpretive trail signage identifies the various trees and plants along the trail as well as conservation features like the "Rain Garden".  Together these signs provide educational resources to visitors as they explore the Preserve.

Pike County Commissioner, Steve Guccini - Pike County Conservation District Manager, Sally Corrigan - Dingman Township Supervisor, Dennis Brink - Dingman Township Secretary / Treasurer, Karen Kleist - Pike County Commissioner Matt Osterberg.

"The Cornelia and Florence Bridge Preserve was an amazing and heartfelt gift from Charlie Bridge to us all.” said Karen Kleist, Dingman Township Secretary and Treasurer. “This project further enhances the Preserve and provides an additional educational facet to Charlie's vision to provide an atmosphere of discovery, inspiration, contemplation and reflection, and all the other benefits spending time outdoors in nature provides."

Funding for this project has been provided by the Department of Environmental Protection’s Environmental Education Grants.