Big Game Hunting Season is Open

It is hunting season for deer and bear in Pennsylvania.  This annual culling of the herd is necessary to reduce the population in order to lessen the number of automobile accidents, property damage, and to keep the deer and bear numbers within what the habitat can carry.

At this time of the year, Township residents are reminded of four important things:

1.  Where blaze orange or other bright colors when in or near huntable areas.  Avoid wearing brown or white.  While hunters are required to positively identify their targets, you should be proactive with your safety.

2.  The Pennsylvania Gamelands are purchased with hunting license dollars and are intended to be public hunting lands.  They are closed for any other use during deer and bear seasons. Should you desire to hike, bird watch, or partake in any other non-hunting activity that is otherwise lawful in the gamelands, you may do it on Sunday when hunting is prohibited.

3.  It is a violation of state law to harass a hunter or otherwise interfere with lawful hunting activity.  If the harassment occurs in the DWG-NRA, it is also a violation of federal law.

4.  While the Pennsylvania state forests and the DWG-NRA are open for public use during deer and bear seasons, be aware, there will be hunters in these areas.  It is best to stay out of the huntable areas until Sunday.  If you must go into these public lands, be sure to wear bright clothing.  Add small bells to your outfit.  Make sure hunters are aware of your presence.

Rifle deer season open                 November 27 through December 9th

Flintlock deer season open           December 26th through January 13th

Bear season open                       November 18th through December 2nd