Dingman Township

                                                 Pike County, Pennsylvania



Procedures for Submitting a Planning Module


1-    The applicant shall submit two (2) copies of the planning module, map, and supporting documentation to the Sewage Enforcement Officer for review.  One copy will be for review and signing, the other will be retained by the Sewage Department.

Do NOT submit the module directly to the Planning Commission.

NOTE: The SEO has a 20-day review period. Submit the module well in advance to allow time for corrections, if needed, before Planning Commission submission.


2-    If the module is incomplete or is returned for revision, the module may not be resubmitted without payment of the Sewage Department Module Resubmission fee.


3-    After the SEO signs the module, the applicant shall pick up the module at the Township office and shall make a minimum of seven (7) copies of pages and signed soil test results.

NOTE: Copies of the module should be made after the SEO has signed the module and soil test reports so that all signatures are copied.  The SEO will not sign additional copies of the modules or soil test results.


4-    The applicant shall submit seven (7) copies of the complete module (which includes drawings and signed soils test reports) to the Planning Secretary. All submissions must be made at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting date.

NOTE: One of the modules submitted must be the original copy with original signatures of the applicant, consultants, and SEO.


5-    In the event that DEP returns the module and the resubmitted module requires SEO review, the Sewage Department Planning Module Resubmission fee must be paid prior to the SEO review.

NOTE:  In the event of multiple resubmissions, a separate Sewage Department Planning Module Resubmission fee is required with each resubmission.  You can avoid resubmission fees by following these procedures and doing it right the first time.