Dingman Township

Recreation Commission

Field Use Policy


The purpose of this policy is to make Dingman Township Parks and Recreation facilities available to organizations and individuals for recreational purposes and to provide an equitable allocation of fields and facilities. It is a goal of this policy to establish clear-cut guidelines, rules and regulations for field use and facility use.


I.  Method of Allocation of Township Facilities and Fields

A. The Dingman Township Recreation Commission will use due diligence to find playing fields and facilities for all groups and individuals who apply but cannot guarantee availability.

B. Residents, groups or organizations wishing to use a field or facility for a special event at a particular time must apply for a special event permit from the Township Office. Requests should be made at least 30 days before the event. Fees may be assessed. A security deposit will be required.

C. Dingman Township sponsored events, programs and activities have preference over all requests for fields and facilities.

D. Field and facility users must adhere to all Township ordinances and facility rules and regulations.

E. The Township reserves the right to revoke approval of any application or cancel the proposed event or activity which has been previously approved.


II.  Method of Accreditation of Sports Groups

A. The Recreation Board will accept requests from sports organizations for accreditation. Requests must be received by the Township Office by March 05, 2018. All requests will be reviewed at the Recreation Commission’s March 12, 2018 meeting. Organizations seeking accreditation are requested to have a representative present at Recreation Commission meetings.

B. Sports organizations requesting accreditation must show evidence of the following:

1. Community participation – Organization include a minimum of 50% Dingman Township residents.  Residency for an adult league will be substantiated by member’s name and address, but for leagues for minors the parent’s name and address with number of children participating will be accepted.

2. Organizational administration – Organization to provide the following:

a) List of Board of Directors to include names, positions and phone numbers.

b) Organizational bylaws.

c) Certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 with Dingman Township named as additional insured.

3. Non-profit group.

4. National affiliations – Provide information and policies pertaining to coach training, certifications and affiliations (National Little League, National Association of Youth Sports, etc.).  If there has not been any training please state that.

5. Leagues are to certify that the current year’s coaches have complied with required background checks in accordance with "Child Protective Services Law, as amended".

III.  Special Permits

A.  The Recreation Commission will issue special permits subject to the following standards:

1. Eligible groups include community groups, non-profit groups, sports groups and business groups.

2. Eligible uses include sports tournaments, picnics, games (softball, baseball, etc), meetings, clubs and camps.

3. Activity is “not for profit” activity.

4. Activity does not seriously impact traffic or parking.

5. Activity does not conflict with any township ordinance.

6. Activity does not exclude the use of the remaining fields or facilities by the public.

B.  The Recreation Commission will review applications from groups or for activities not meeting these standards with final approval to come from the Board of Supervisors.


IV.  Seasonal Field Use

A. Applications for seasonal field use must be received by the Township Office by March 01 of the year that is requested.

B. The Recreation Commission will review applications at its 1st March Meeting with final approval and allocations to be made at its 2nd March meeting.

C. Applications must include the following review:

1. Facility Use Request Form signed by authorized person.

2. List of Board of Directors.

3. Updated rosters.

4. Copy of previous season’s practice and games schedules (if applicable) to include all fields used including non-township fields.

5. Current year Certificate of Insurance naming Dingman Township must be submitted to the Township Office and Recreation Commission prior to start of the season.


V.  Responsibilities and Limitations of Applicants

A. All field and facility uses must adhere to all park rules and regulations.

B. Users are responsible for trash and litter pickup during/after use.

C. Users responsible to lock up the building and turn off any lighting.

D. Users are responsible for the restrooms while using the facility including daily inspection and cleaning the restrooms.

E. Users are required to report any problems, damage or dangerous conditions associated with the field or facility being used immediately to the Township Office.

F. Users may not transfer use of the field or facility to another person or entity without the consent from the Recreation Commission.

G. No temporary or permanent structure can be erected on Township Property without written consent from the Township.

H. No Alterations are to be made to any township property without written consent from the Township.

I. All requests for alterations must be made in writing to Recreation Commission to be reviewed by the Township Office and/or the Recreation Board. Major alterations are those which will always require permits.

J. An annual security deposit will be required for the use of the concession stand by seasonal users and a one-time deposit for single event users.


K. No field equipment or maintenance supplies other than what is used in a food prep area may be store in the concession stand.


L. Leagues requesting seasonal field use will have to do 32 hours mandatory volunteer time to help the Rec Board with Township events.  This does not include running the concession stand for their own benefit.


VI.  Responsibility of Township

A. Township will perform all necessary maintenance to the fields and facilities.

B. Township will perform routine maintenance including mowing of fields, weed and feed and periodic cleaning of the restrooms. All other preparations or maintenance of fields or facilities will be the responsibility of seasonal users,

C. Township will provide infield mix for all ball fields.

D. Township will close a field or facility in the event of poor or hazardous conditions at its sole discretion.

E. Township will keep records of schedules and availability of fields or facilities for use.

F. Township will schedule a meeting with representatives of the accredited athletic associations prior to seasonal use to address maintenance issues, improvements and other concerns.


VII.  Fees and Charges

A. Fees and security deposits may be charged for field and facility use.

B. Fees will be applied to the Recreation fund to be used for Field and Facility maintenance and improvements.

C. No fees will be charged to the accredited athletic association or Township organizations unless the activity generates extra expense for the township.

D. A minimum security deposit of $50.00 per day (subject to revision from time to time by the Board of Supervisors) will be charged to groups wishing to use a field or facility. Security deposits for seasonal use permits are: $500.00 for fields;  $300.00 for concession stand.  If there is increased expense to the Township as a result of use of the field or facility, an additional fee may be charged.

E. Businesses requesting use of Township fields for profit will be assessed fees as per agreement based on recommendations by the Recreation Board with the final approval of the Board of Supervisors.

F. Fees may be waived with the approval of the Recreation Board and the Township Supervisors.

G. Leagues are required to pay the Township 10% of the fees they receive for banner ads to be placed at our park.  In addition the Leagues will have the opportunity to have that fee waived in exchange for league funded improvements, etc.