RV Repair and Modification Ordinance






            The Supervisors of Dingman Township, at a regularly or specially advertised meeting, do hereby ordain and enact the following: 

§  1 - Purpose.

The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of Dingman Township inhabitants by establishing, pursuant to the authority granted the Township under Sections 1517 and 1529 of the Second Class Township Code, requirements and regulations governing the modification, renovation, replacement, repair and reconstruction of park models and recreational vehicles. These regulations are not land use regulations and are intended to supplement the provisions of the Dingman Township Zoning Ordinance that regulate recreational campgrounds or similar uses and shall not supersede that Ordinance unless specifically stated herein. This ordinance does not supersede or in any way interfere with any private rules or regulations that a private RV Park community may choose to adopt on this same issue, including but not limited to, the requirement for permits and inspections.

§ 2 - Definitions.

For the purpose of this ordinance, the following words, terms and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this section:

Park Model - A vehicle that is commonly known as a park model recreational vehicle; meets the American National Standards Institute standard ANSI119.5 for park trailers; is built on a single chassis; has a gross trailer area of four hundred (400) square feet or less when set up; is designed for seasonal or temporary living quarters and may be connected to utilities necessary for the operation of installed features and appliances. Such units shall be permitted in Destination (Non-transient) Campgrounds only. Registered nonconforming units are also covered by this ordinance.

Recreational Vehicle - A vehicular type of unit designed as temporary living quarters for recreational camping or travel use which either has its own motive of power or is mounted on or drawn by another vehicle. The basic types of recreation vehicles are 

Travel Trailers - A vehicular unit, mounted on wheels, of such size or weight as not to require special highway moving permits when drawn by a motorized vehicle designated and constructed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use, and a trailer size of no more than 400 square feet. Registered nonconforming units are also covered by this ordinance.

A.          Truck Camper - A portable unit, designed to be loaded onto, or affixed to, the bed or chassis of a truck and constructed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel use.

B.           Motor Homes - A vehicular unit built on a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis, designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or travel use.

C.           Camper Trailer - A vehicular unit mounted on wheels and constructed with collapsible partial side walls which fold for towing by another vehicle and unfold at the campsite and designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel use.  

D.          Self-Contained Unit - A unit that; can operate independent of connections to external sewer, water and electrical systems; has a toilet and holding tank for liquid waste; contains water storage facilities; and may contain a lavatory, kitchen sink and/or bath facilities connected to the holding tan

§ 3 - Permits required and fees.

A.          Permit Requirement. No person, partnership, association, limited liability or other company or corporation, being the owner, user, operator or occupant of any recreational vehicle or park model on land within Dingman Township, shall make any modification, renovation, repair and reconstruction of such park model or recreational vehicle or allow such modification, renovation, replacement, repair and reconstruction of such park model or recreational vehicle except as pursuant to this ordinance. Permits will not be required for minor maintenance and replacement issues for which the Township does not require permits for similar work in a residence under UCC. 

B.           Issuance of permit.

(1)         The Dingman Township Building Officer shall issue a permit after the filing of a  permit application only if such application is consistent with this ordinance.

(2)         No permit shall be issued until the Building Officer has received and approved:

(a)         A completed application signed by the applicant.

(b)         The required fee as herein provided.

(c)         Plans and specifications for any proposed construction which shall be in compliance with ANSI 119.5.

(d)        Any plans filed in support of any application shall be drawn by a Pennsylvania Licensed Engineer or Pennsylvania Licensed Architect who shall certify and seal the plans. Said engineer or architect shall certify that such plans have been prepared  in compliance with ANSI 119.5.

(e)         Under no circumstances shall a park model or recreational vehicle post construction be larger than 400 square feet 

C.           Inspection.

(1)   The construction under any issued permit shall be inspected by a Pennsylvania Licensed Engineer or Pennsylvania Licensed Architect who shall issue a report to the Township Building Officer indicating the results of every inspection.

(2)   The number and timing of such inspections shall be determined by the Building Officer on a case-by-case basis according to the nature and extent of the proposed construction.

(3)   At such time as the inspecting Pennsylvania Licensed Engineer or Pennsylvania Licensed Architech determines that construction is complete and that all work has been performed pursuant to the approved plans and in compliance with ANSI 119.5 said Engineer or Architect shall issue a report certifying same to the Building Officer and recommend that a Certificate of Occupancy be granted.

(4)   The Building Officer reserves the right to conduct a final site inspection before determining whether a Certificate of Occupancy should be granted when access is appropriate pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

(5)   Occupancy of the renovated unit prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy is expressly prohibited.

(6)   The Building Officer may rely upon said Engineer's or Architect's certification and issue the appropriate Certificate of Occupancy. 

D.          Fees. The applicant for any permit shall pay the Township a fee as shall be established and as modified from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. Additional fees shall apply to the cost of any professional reviews by Township consultants.

§  4 - Enforcement.

The Building Officer shall enforce all of the provisions of this ordinance and shall have the right, at all reasonable times, including evening hours, to enter and inspect any park model or recreational vehicle.

§ 5 - Penalties for offenses and remedies. 

A.          Any person, partnership, association or corporation who uses any property or allows property to be used in violation of any provision of this ordinance shall be guilty of an offense against this ordinance and subject to a civil penalty of up to $600 per day. Any action against any Association of property owners under this section shall be based upon evidence that said Association withheld information from the Township necessary to carry out Township duties and/or knowingly or actively sought to allow construction in violation of this ordinance to take place. When a violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance is continuous, each day or portion thereof shall constitute a separate and distinct violation. 

B.           The Building Officer may, after resolution of the Board of Supervisors authorizing such action and, in addition to the above-provided penalties, maintain an action or proceeding in the name of the Township in a court of competent jurisdiction to compel compliance with this ordinance or to restrain by injunction the violation of this ordinance.

C.           Nothing in this section or ordinance shall be construed as to restrict the Code Enforcement Officer in any way from exercising the enforcement remedies found in any State law or municipal ordinance for which the property/property owner may also be in violation.

§ 6 - General provisions.

A.          If any section, paragraph, subsection or provision of this ordinance shall be found invalid, such invalidity shall apply to the section, paragraph, subsection, or provision adjudged invalid and the remainder of the ordinance shall remain valid and effective.

B.           The issuance of any permit or license pursuant to the provisions of this ordinance shall not be deemed to waive compliance by the holder thereof, by the property owner or by any occupant of any court or campground or RV park, with any statute of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, law or health regulation of the Commonwealth or Dingman Township or with any provision of this or any other Township Ordinance.

C.           The Building Officer and associated personnel of the Township shall have full authority, in the course of investigating a possible violation or processing an application, to enter upon the premises of park model or recreational vehicle, after displaying his or her credentials to the owner thereof and shall have further have the authority to determine if any construction under this ordinance is being or has been performed in compliance with this ordinance.  

§ 6 - Effective date.

This ordinance will take effect five (5) days after enactment.

            Ordained and enacted this _________ day of ___________,  202__.