Free Outdoor Movie Night


August 11, 2017

August 18, 2017

August 25, 2017

(We'll keep trying until it quits raining)

Thirty years from now, how will your children remember the summer of 2017?  Will they look back lovingly at the hours they spent playing video games?  The marathons of afternoon television watching?  Or, will they reminisce about the time spent with their family, enjoying good wholesome activities? 

Here's a chance to create a lasting summer memory --- Free Movie Night in the Dingman Township Recreational Park. 

On July 14th  August 11th  August 18th, August 25th the Dingman Township Parks and Recreation Commission will hold their second annual Free Family Movie Night.  That's right, FREE, as in no money!  Just bring your family and a blanket or some folding chairs.  The concession stand will be open but feel free to bring your own popcorn and snacks.

 The movie will start at 8:45 PM - but please arrive earlier.  A flashlight would be helpful for finding your way back to your car and bug repellant because ... well you know why.

Yes, the days of packing the whole family into the car and going to the drive-in have long passed.  But you can still make lasting family memories at Free Family Movie Night.


The Dingman Township Recreational Park

is located at

679 Log Tavern Road

(just across the street from the fire hall)