Dingman Township


Five Reasons Not to Complete the Census


1.  You just LOVE paying more taxes to support our schools, libraries, and social services!

Besides fulfilling the constitutionally mandated head count of America's population, the census data is used to allocate state and federal funding for schools, libraries, social services, and many other programs.  It helps to determine where government agencies should open offices and spend money.  Many private sector firms use census data to better serve the public such as determining where to locate new supermarkets, medical centers, etc.

2.  You absolutely LOVE sending your tax money to support other areas!

Let's face it, the government loves spending your tax dollars and money not spent supporting Pike County will be spent elsewhere.

3. You also LOVE politicians reducing Pike County's political clout at the State and Federal government levels!

The census data is used for political redistricting.  An undercount in Pennsylvania will permit other states like California and New York to have a greater number of US representatives.  An under count in Pike County can result in more control of the state house and senate by cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

4.  You LOVE strangers showing up unexpectedly at your house!

Completing the census on-line is easier than finding this web page.  And, if you don't complete the census on-line, a census taker will visit your house in person --- maybe not such a good idea right now.

5.  You can always fill it out next year.

No, you can't.  The census only takes place every 10 years.  If Pike County gets undercounted now, the results will affect us for the next 10 years.  That's 10 years of reduced school funding ... 10 years of less government services ... 10 years of less political clout in Washington and Harrisburg.




Click here to participate in the census.