Dingman Township




A message from the Board of Supervisors:


As many of you are aware, last weekend we were finally able to open the Township Park with the exception that the playgrounds had to remain closed in accordance with the Governor's Order and Dept. of Health guidelines, not to mention to protect residents and visitors.


We were disheartened to learn that so far this week - Monday and Tuesday - the caution tape and signs surrounding the playgrounds were removed by visitors insisting on utilizing the equipment. One of these instances even resulted in a somewhat physical confrontation when the parent was was asked to vacate the playground by a Township employee. Thankfully it did not escalate to the point where it was necessary for us to contact the State Police.


While we were so pleased to be able to open the remaining areas of the Park so families could enjoy the trails and open areas, should the destruction of the barriers and signs closing the playgrounds continue, we may have no choice but to close the entire park until such time as opening the playgrounds will be in compliance. We sincerely hope that it does not come to that point, and ask for your cooperation.


Thank you and stay safe.

Dingman Township Board of Supervisors