2017 Spring Clean-up and Electronics Recycling Day

Recycling Results

On May 13th, Dingman Township held their annual Spring Clean-up and Electronics Recycling day at the Township Garage on Fisher Lane.  The annual event allows township residents and property owners to dispose of items that are bulky and difficult to dispose of (e.g. couches, mattresses, white goods etc.) as well as electronic items and consumer batteries.  While much of the bulky material must be landfilled, the township strives to recycle as much as possible.  The following is a report of the recyclable materials collected.


Electronic Items

Over 30 cubic yards of electronic items were collected for recycling.  This includes:

92   Television sets

13   Microwave ovens

28   Computers

29   Computer monitors

10   Laptop Computers

37   Printers, scanners, and combinations

40   VCR, CD, DVD, players and gaming consoles

16   Radio / stereo systems

58   Misc. larger items

... and hundreds of smaller items.


Cellular Telephones

23  cellular telephones were collected.  These telephones get sent to a company that will test the telephones.  Those that work or can be easily refurbished will be donated to battered women's shelters around the country.  The rest are recycled.


Consumer Batteries

1.5 five gallon buckets of consumer batteries (e.g. zinc-carbon, alkaline, etc.) were collected for recycling.  No car batteries were collected this year.  [Note:  Township residents may also drop off consumer batteries at the Township office during working hours.  Car batteries must be brought to Clean-up Days.]


Mixed Metals

Approximately 80 cubic yards of mixed metals (aluminum, steel, copper, etc.) were collected for recycling.



31 tires were collected.  they will be sent to a state approved processing facility.


If you missed the 2017  Spring Clean-up and Electronics Recycling Day, watch this website for an announcement of the 2017 FALL Clean-up and Electronics Recycling Day.  Details to be announced.